Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wohoo...I'm off on vacation...!

...The sun cream is packed, snorkel, mask and flippers neatly tucked away & a trillion bikinis to last me my 3 weeks on the sunny shores of the west coast of Thailand!

I think I've adequately stretched my stomach to be able to eat as much Thai food as I can, especially when it's all about £1.00 a dish! Mr Red Bird and I actually have out favourite little pork & rice lady just off the Koh San Road that we always order from whenever we visit Bangkok. The last time we went was 4 yrs ago, so it's been a long time coming.

As well as sunning myself and eating the vast array of amazing food available, Mr Red Bird will also be doing a few hotel reviews for i-escape as well as celebrating his 35th birthday!

Here's a few pics from our last visit...


Dried cuttlefish at a night market

I have also shut my Etsy shop now until the April 1st as I'm treating myself to a little down time. I'll be swapping my pliers and cold home studio for warmer shores, a good book and getting some sun on my grey skin! 
Despite having a horrid cold I am finally starting to relax into the idea...

My thoughts are with those who have been involved in the recent and ongoing troubles in Bangkok...

... x