Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Christmas is coming...

I hate to say it, but now that Halloween is over, Christmas is well and truly on the way - eeek!

Now, you can can check this one with Mr Red Bird, but I am sure that he will more than confirm that I have a bit of a soft spot-come-fetish for cushions. I don't know what exactly the appeal is, but all the fabulous designs, textures, fabrics and colours that just get me buying more than our little flat can cope with!
I bought this great one last Christmas for Mr Red Bird from Society6 - which he grew to love after I convinced him that it was a gift for him and not for 'the house'. He loves wearing his Icelandic jumper in the Winter months and foxes, so I thought this very apt!
Icelandic Foxes Cushion by Ulrika Kestere 
Now...I have just come across these two beauties. One by one of my current favourite local artist, Charlotte Farmer for Ohh Deer & another by Alice Potter seen on Wolf & Badger, a London based lass. I now see that there may be a running theme with these cushions, in that they are all animal based....hmmm, what does that say about me?
Tiger Kitty Cushion by Alice Potter 
Hip Hip Hello Cushion by Charlotte Farmer

Saturday, 5 October 2013

h a l l o w e e n ...

I really can't believe that autumn is full speed ahead, and I never even got to say goodbye to summer!
With that in mind, celebrations seem to be coming thick and fast and I can barely keep up, what with the weddings, birthdays...and more birthdays around every corner.
Halloween is fast approaching, so here's a few ideas that I've been toying with to get a bit of a head start. Does this get any of your creative juices flowing? If so, I'd like to hear what plans you have up your sleeve this Halloween...

Funny Face Halloween Carton of Eggs Heads
Painted House Halloween Pumpkins - Country Living
Halloween Smiles - Disney Family

Day of the Dead Make-up by Ryan Connors Photography
Lasercut Wood Bat Pin by Red Bird Makes

Friday, 16 August 2013

Monday, 20 May 2013

d e c l u t t e r ...

For those of you who know me, you will know the the word declutter isn't one that belongs in my vocabulary! However, after a recent trip to Berlin (my 3rd time) for work, rest & play, spending 2 days doing hotel reviews and 3 in our own rented 3rd floor apartment, which Mr Red Bird and I immediately fell in love with, I come home with a certain pang of need to declutter my home!

Now I am a certified hoarder and have been since birth pretty much. I think my mother has a lot to answer for when I talk about hoarding (she has an entire garage which has no room to house a car because it is floor to ceiling full of crap memories. Okay, a lot of this is 'said' crap belonging to me and my siblings that we all guilt my mum into not chucking away, but a lot of it it definitely hers!
I blame my messy hoarders house to the fact that I don't have enough storage to hide my endless bits and pieces away in. When infact, I need to just bite the bullet and clear out my junk pre-loved items and give them to a new home. Oh, I can see Mr Red Bird's face lighting up as he reads this!

Here's some snaps of our Berlin apartment!

....gorgeous huh! I highly recommend using Airbnb instead of perhaps booking a hotel as it's much more personal and has a lot more charm!

I also came across this blog this afternoon - Life Thru A Lens. It's written by a Finnish graphic designer and mother, and is full of bright inspiring photos of her loves. I can't but adore her taste in home decor. Those pops of Neon are just my thing & I love the yellow kitchen wall!

This has definitely given me the drive to make a start on my new decluttered lifestlye...

Monday, 13 May 2013

m a r k e t s : b a t h a r t i s a n m a r k e t

Okay.... So much for committing myself to writing regular short and sweet blog posts in attempt to make them regular - hmmm, I must try harder!

The second Sunday of every month I have been holding a stall at the wonderful Bath Artisan Market in glorious Green Park Station which is an amazing grade II listed building having formally been a train station, now converted into undercover marketplace. The building has an amazing high vaulted glass roof in a single-span wrought iron arch structure which is pretty cool.

You can find me along with many other excellent artisan stalls here at this monthly event which definately makes a great day out for the whole family. You can check out more photo's from the May market here on their Facebook page.

Yesterdays trip to Bath was very eventful for me seeing as my trusty little van was getting some repairs done at the garage. I managed to squeeze all I needed into my huge travel backpack and cycled my squeaky 80's bike to cycle to Temple Meads station. It was pretty hard work but once on the train all was good - phew!

Carolyn of Carolyn Slater Ceramics

Gorgeous vintage clothes & accessories

Gemma of The Silver Shed

Friday, 12 April 2013

n e w : b i t s & b o b s ...

Well...it's been a very long time since my last post. So much so, that I missed my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog - oops! I think my main issues with writing a post is that I put too much pressure on myself to need to write masses, when infact I think I will make an effort to write at least once a week with something short and sweet....

So of recent I have been back on the market scene with a couple at The Tobacco Factory Retroville Market & Bath Artisan Market which are both monthly. Now that Spring has finally arrived I will now be taking part in the St. Catherines Artisan Market in Frome which is also monthly. Be sure to follow me on Facebook to keep up to date of where I'll be next.

I am very pleased to also announce that I have a couple of new stockists - yay!!

The first, being Iota Bristol on the fabulously independent shopping area of Gloucester Road. It is an amazing independently owned homewares and accessories gift shop with everything deliciously wonderful. I always spend a good half hour looking at everything to make sure I don't miss out. A perfect shop for you magpies out there! 

The second, is the fabulous Godiva Boutique in stunning Edinburgh! It's quotes itself as being Edinburgh's most original independent fashion boutique, so I'm super pleased that I have these two wonderful shops to carry my wares.