Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day One Hundred and Eighty-Two

A change is as good as a rest...!

Well....it's been a hectic few months and things have indeed been a-changing for me, hence why I have been off the blogging radar. I can say that I have moved on to a new chapter and things are looking up!

I've enjoyed a few trips abroad to Fez, Paris & Cassis. I've moved out of my co-operatively owned shop. I'm now stocking in some spaces in Bristol with the hope of expanding my stockists & today I started a new job at a fantastic independent cafe - The Workhouse Cafe!

Here's a few little snippets of what me and Mr Red Bird got up to in Paris. We were extremely lucky to have been reviewing 4 hotels & an apartment during our stay, which made Paris that much more pleasurable. The apartment shown below was my favourite of all probably because it was our own private space & we could, for a short amount of time see what it might feel like to live the Paris life! We stayed there for two nights and I was so sad to leave. We ate amazing fresh baguettes from the local bakery every morning with meats, cheeses & as much fresh coffee as we could drink listening to the chilled Parisien radio - we definately fitted into the life-style with ease!!

 As much as I loved setting up and working in my little co-operatively owned space in Bath, last month I decided it was time to move onto things-a-new! It's was a massive learning experience and one that I have no regrets. I like to think that both postive & negative experiences are experiences to be learnt from non-the-less. Life is too short to think otherwise!

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