Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day Forty

Emergency Tea Print by What Katie Does

What Katie Does...!

Well indeed... I joined as one of Katie's Blog followers after seeing her beautiful prints on Etsy. Little did I know that London based Katie was going to make a trip to the lovely city of Bath, where our 'Charlie Boots' shop resides. Her escape from London was made for her boyfriends mother's birthday and she describes the highlights of her trip to this 'pocket-sized city'. Among her snapshots of this idyllic city was a photo of our shop window on Broad Street - wohoo! I am pretty chuffed that Katie thought our shop window good enough to warrant a photo in her mention of 'the nice mix of independant shops'. Anyway, take a look here and have a read for yourself...http://www.whatkatiedoes.net - thankyou Katie!


  1. hello! thanks so much for popping by and liking my mugs. just had a look at your shop - looks gorgeous. Hoping to come to Bath soon, so I will try to pass by.

  2. Hey Francesca! Aw, thankyou for the nice words. Love the whole colour aesthetics of your makes, simply gorgeous. Please pop in when you're next in Bath. I'd love to meet you.