Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day Fifty-Six

Wow, so sorry to have not been keeping up with my blog for well over 2 weeks. Things have been a little hectic with one thing or being that my bathroom leaked last week and there always seems to be a lot of waiting around for plumbers when there's such work involved. Anyway, he eventually came the next day, well over an hour late I add, and on my one morning with the chance for a lie-in! ...8.30 he said...oh, ok I agreed!

I went to Londres with Mr Red Bird. I had a fab time and must admit that the weather was pretty decent to us considering the amount of rainfall we've had these last 2 weeks. Brick Lane bustling as its usual wonderful self. I love popping into all the vintage/retro shops, bric-a-brac, artisan markets galore. I'm sure Mr Red Bird felt quite the opposite, however he was kept very happy with his 'salt beef bagel' which is infamous around those parts, and possibly a herring one too!!
I visited a basement market, which too my enjoyment lead me to my 2 best purchases of the day! I'll post some snaps later, but I got  gorgeous vintage sheer buttercup yellow blouse with a high neck, ruffled front & complete button down back. It's exquiste and a steal at just £6. It's pretty old but in amazing condition. Turning it inside out I like to look at the hand stitching made to create this peice... My other purchase is a cornflower blue super soft leather bag that goes across the body. It's wonderful and even though I have a million bags [or close to i'm sure], I've been using my new one everyday since!! - Photo will follow. Please share snaps of any of your amazing finds on Brick Lane. I love being nosey...

Here is a snippet of a few iamges in my latest Etsy treasury I put together called ♥ T H E  L O V E R S  P I C N I C ♥ I hope you love it...
♥ T H E L O V E R S P I C N I C ♥ by Red Bird Makes
See you again soon....x

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