Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day Ten


So, the last couple of days have been a little creative. I thought that as it's coming up to Easter, it would be nice to get into the spirit of things and make pretty our little shop window. We get a lot of passers by everyday and I thought this might not only brighten up our day's in the shop, but also customers! So, Charlie (From 'Charlie Boots') & I gathered at Sally's (from 'Bear Hands') on Tuesday evening for a little hands-on Easter Egg painting and creating! I must say, that I'd never done this before and was suprised at how hard it is to blow the egg contents out of the shell!! If anyone has any tips, it would definately be good to know for next year.

How we did it:
1) Wash and dry your egg.
2) Using a drawing pin, make a pin-sized hole in the top (smaller end) of the egg.
3) Make another hole in the base, but this time slightly bigger (as this is the end the ingredients will come out from).
4) Using a long dress pin or sewing needle, stir around inside the egg top and bottom. This will loosen the egg membrane so it will come out easier.
5) Grab a bowl. Blow into the hole at the top pretty hard until all the egg contents comes out.
(You may need to wiggle the needle around inside a bit more and possibly make the top/bottom holes ever so slightly bigger. You don't want to make them too big as you don't really want them to be visible.)
6) Let the empty eggshells dry for 48hrs. You can quicken the process by zapping for 5-10 seconds in the microwave until hot to touch. This will dry out shell and also toughen it up a little.
7) Yay..your eggs are ready to decorate! Use pens, paints, glitter, sequins, gold leaf or whatever takes your fancy.

Once the paint has dried, you can hang these babies anywhere you like. We've hung ours in a branch that's in our shop window. I used fishing wire to hang. Tie a knot in the wire and thread the knot through the hole in the top of the egg. I then put a little superglue over the hole to seal...and ta-da!

I'd love to see your creations! You can post me pics of your eggs to my facebook page,

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