Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day Seventy-Two

F O L K S Y : F R I D A Y by Bread And Jam...
'Folksy Friday' - Beards&Moustaches by Bread And Jam
Well hello good people!
I was very suprised yesterday evening to receive a message Catherine of 'Bread And Jam' blog saying that my Moustaches-on-Sticks were featured on her new blog in her first 'Folksy Friday' collection.
'Bread And Jam' are a Loughborough creative collective who specialise in block printing their fabulous folk art insipired designs on papergoods & old school very cool wooden pencil case boxes! Their blog yesterday included their very first 'Folksy Friday' collection & I feel very honored to be included in it - wohoo!
If you didn't already know, Folksy is an online handmade marketplace for UK artists where you can buy hand produced items straight from the makers.
Please follow their fun blog & take at look at their super wares too!

Happy weekend...


  1. That is lovely news! And what a nice collection to be a part of. I really like you moustaches-on-sticks as well:D

    1. Yes, it is indeed. Continue the love of the fake moustache!

  2. Hello! Thank you for following my blog!
    Good news on you Folksy Friday feature :)


    1. I find your blog a great read Beth! x